In 2019, the UK ranked second in the world in the AI readiness index and it led Western European countries as the most prepared country to bring Artificial Intelligence into business. In fact, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agenda for incorporating AI within the fabric of the nation was aggressively being pushed forward. The UK is fast becoming a global leader in AI investing resources in creating frameworks, councils, and offices that ensure AI’s potential is leveraged to the fullest.

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Fabio Torlini, EMEA MD at WP Engine.

Now, as we grapple with the pandemic businesses are turning to AI and robotics to help compensate for the loss of revenue and layoffs. However, it is likely not the technology itself that will make the difference in the aftermath, but rather the knowledge and creativity of the humans who use it, and as we look to ensure that AI is deployed in a responsible way. 

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