Leading ruggedized smartphone maker Blackview has slashed the price of the BV6100, the world’s largest rugged mobile, from nearly $200 to just under $110 (roughly £90/AU$165).

Blackview BV6100 rugged smartphone – $109.99
(roughly £90/AU$165)
The world’s largest rugged smartphone is currently available for almost half the usual price. The Blackview BV6100 will take quite a kicking, making it great for camping and the like, and also boasts four global navigation systems and strong battery life. Grab it while you can!View Deal

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With a 6.88-inch display, the BV6100 is not dissimilar to popular non-rugged tablets like the Amazon Fire 7. While it is still a little more expensive, it has a few extra features that make it a compelling purchase.

A phone like no other

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