Ah, the bank holiday weekend – the perfect time to sit 2 metres away from our family, binge-watch Netflix, deep dive into our new-found bread-baking adventure, and, of course… track down a bargain on SIM only deals.

Not all of the above are going to apply to everyone – baking bread does seem like a lot of hassle – but if there was a chunk of your weekend carved out to track down your next SIM, we’re here to save you a lot of work. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five absolute best SIM only deals currently available. With half price bills from EE, exceptionally low costs from Three, and cashback galore from Vodafone, there are plenty of choices currently available.

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Our top 5 best SIM only deals this week:

1. Unlimited data, calls and minutes with Three:

2. Cheap…so very cheap:

Three | 12 months | 8GB 12GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £8 per month
Costing just £8 a month, Three has stormed in and taken the spot of the best price tag at this data point, and by some distance. You can go cheaper but that will mean a massive drop in data. In fact, without jumping up to the unlimited regions of data, this is downright the best value SIMO plan around right now. Deal expires: Monday, June 1
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3. EE turning it up to 11 with its latest offer:

4. 1-month flexibility paired with a big data plan:

5. Drop the price with mega cashback

Vodafone SIM only deal: at Mobiles.co.uk | 12 month contract | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £20pm + £138 cashback
Out of the two, this is the deal that secures the larger discount. After you take into account the cashback, you’re effectively paying just £8.50 a month, making this a bargain for the amount of data you’re getting. However, because this is cashback by redemption, so you will have to claim it in chunks throughout the contract.
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Vodafone SIM only deal: at Mobiles.co.uk | 12 month contract | 60GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £20pm + £90 cashback
The exact same deal just with a small drop in the amount of cashback you’re receiving. So why would you want to go for this option instead? The cashback here is automatic so you will receive it without having to do the same level of work as above. After you take that cashback into account, you’re effectively paying just £12.50 a month.
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