You’ve likely seen the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED version by now, an announcement that was met with elation when it showed up in my YouTube subscription box, but had all the fanfare of a backfiring party popper once the trailer had played out.

While we now know it not to be the Nintendo Switch Pro, the Switch OLED certainly looks the part. The bigger 7-inch screen looks great on the handheld, and I’m in love with that sleek white finish on the dock and Joy-Con controllers. Extra features like an improved kickstand, LAN port and an expanded 64GB of storage space are all welcome additions, too.

Any excitement I had for the Switch OLED was swiftly quashed, though, when Nintendo revealed the most Nintendo-esque thing of all: the Switch OLED is merely an incremental upgrade, being sold at a higher price than the original model’s RRP. While many fans including myself were rightfully annoyed by this, we really should’ve expected it, as it’s far from the first time Nintendo has done something like this – and I’m certain it won’t be the last.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Switching it up, just barely

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