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At the time of writing, the UK is under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Travel is severely restricted and people are being urged to work from home wherever possible. 

For some, like freelancers, working from home is a way of life. For others, this might be their first experience of working within the confines of the house. If the latter applies to you, this article should help. 

With the help of these tips and a handful of tech gadgets, hopefully you can now be productive wherever you are.

How to work from home effectively

It can be difficult for anyone to concentrate at home, with the surrounding noise and temptation to multitask, not to mention children that are home from school!

In order to optimise your time and stay professional, we’d recommend doing the following things:

  • Get up at your normal time.
  • Get dressed – it’s essential your brain understands that you’re about to work. Feeling too relaxed in an outfit (like your pyjamas) doesn’t help with concentration and focus.
  • Create an office space as best you can, and leave it to take regular breaks.
  • Prepare your meals in advance, so you don’t find yourself eating while working or having to cook during your lunch break.
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues (think email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or whatever you already use).

In addition to this new routine, here are the gadgets that will help transform your corner of the house into a proper work space.

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Get a PC or laptop that’s up to the task

Get a setup like in the office

An external screen

A keyboard and mouse

High quality audio

External storage

Supportive chair

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