Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore 8K camera announcements, here is another one. Chinese company Skyworth has announced the LIFErecorder 8K camera.

If you don’t know who Skyworth is, they primarily make Televisions.

The Skyworth LIFErecorder 8K camera uses the same Sharp 8K CMOS image sensor that is used in Sharp’s own 8K prototype camera that we tested in April last year. The single-pixel size of the sensor is 2.45μm x 2.45μm, which is 9 times the single-pixel area of ​​current 8K video phones.

According to Skyworth, this larger light-sensitive area results in better low light performance.

The camera appears to have a Canon EF mount.

Screenshot 2020 04 28 at 11 22 04 AM

The LIFErecorder 8K camera records using H.264 and H.265 encoding. The camera will record 8K at up to 30p. The bitrate for 30p 8K recording is 200Mbps.