Rapoo’s peripherals had a pioneering role in the usage of wireless technology, resulting in a wide portfolio of solutions that fit any budget and use case. In order to provide new ultra-slim designs, Rapoo has introduced the new ultra-slim E9100M keyboard and 9500M keyboard combo. With a height of just 4.9 and 4.5 millimetres, the keyboard designs are real eye-catchers, while the anodized aluminium housings offer stability and durability.

Both keyboards support Rapoo’s proprietary Multi-mode Wireless technology allowing users to connect to multiple devices using all Bluetooth iterations, removing the need to check for compatibility and alternatively use a 2.4 GHz dongle. The E9100M differentiates itself by providing a numpad in a compact form factor, while the 9500M combo also features dedicated Multimedia hotkeys and a mouse that has a fully adjustable 1600 DPI sensor. The E9100M and 9500M offer an affordable alternative to peripherals offered for Apple devices and Bluetooth enabled Smart TV’s. They are compatible with the latest PC’s, IPads, smartphones as well as smart TV’s while offering the same high quality design.

“Ultra-slim keyboards of aluminium alloy and stainless-steel have been a key differentiator of the Rapoo brand from the start.” said Bob Blankert, Managing Director at Rapoo Europe BV. “Our first iconic keyboard E9270P, back at the time we started, made Rapoo famous for the way we look at product design, setting new trends and a higher standard in office accessories. We keep evolving our products on a technical and practical level to offer the best value for money to our users, the best example of that being the multi-mode wireless technology. However, whatever changes we implement we always keep in mind our identity and key design differentiators that make Rapoo one of a kind. So, we are very happy to introduce these two models to the UK market and let consumers experience the difference.”

Rapoo has signed a deal with Argos for the introduction of these the E9100M and 9500M.

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