Video games are designed to be many things – they can evoke fear in horror titles, push your problem-solving abilities with puzzles and create a sense of team spirit between you and your close friends. It’s easy to see why gaming has become such a popular hobby, growing every decade since they first appeared back in the 1950’s, but something that most games have in common is that they’re designed to be fun…so why does logging into a public gaming lobby fill me with such a sense of dread?

It wasn’t always this way. I’ll say off the bat that this article isn’t a complaint that video games are too difficult, but rather that I, like many others, have changed as a person since my early years of gaming. There’s a sense of nostalgia that I feel I’ve been trying to capture for the last few years of my life, and I doubt I’m alone. This is essentially a begrudging acceptance that I’m an adult.

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