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The Oculus Quest 2 is the latest standalone VR headset from the Facebook-owned Oculus, and it’s been an absolutely enormous hit so far – likely to continue now that’s available with extra storage for the same price.

For the uninitiated, the Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR headset that works on its own wirelessly, and also connects to a PC, with PC VR apps, using the Oculus Link cable. That means you can play room-scale virtual reality games without an expensive desktop PC – or a load of cables getting in the way – but still benefit from the power of that PC if you own one.

The good news? It’s £100 cheaper than its predecessor. Given the success of the original Quest (now discontinued), it’s no surprise that it’s selling fast. With its disruptive pricing, the Quest offers a powerful and versatile headset at a fraction of the cost of competitors, like the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite which punches in at £899, and the even more expensive Valve Index that costs £919.

The bad news? It’s selling so well that it isn’t often discounted, so genuine offers are few and far between – but we’re working hard to find every saving out there. Here’s where you can buy the Quest 2 at the best price.

How much does the Oculus Quest 2 cost? 

  • 128GB – £299 
  • 256GB – £399

The Oculus Quest 2 starts at £299 for the 128GB model in the UK. This makes it £100 lower than the starting price of the original Quest, which only included 64GB storage – as did the Quest 2 initially, but the 64GB model has since been phased out for a 128GB version at the same price.

Meanwhile the larger capacity 256GB model is also a major upgrade from the 128GB maximum on the original Quest, which cost £499 – meaning you now get more storage at a lower price for both tiers of the headset. Nice.

Best Oculus Quest 2 discounts and deals


Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Following a product recall over its foam padding, the Quest 2 is now back in stock and better value than ever thanks to the doubled storage for the entry-level headset.

The only discount we can find right now is only a small one, and it’s for the pricier 256GB model, which Amazon is selling for £388 – a saving of just about £11.

Where to buy the Oculus Quest 2

You can buy the Quest 2 directly from Oculus or any of the retailers listed below:

  • Game – Free standard delivery
  • Argos on eBay – Click and Collect available
  • Argos – Standard same-day delivery available for £3.95
  • Currys PC World – Free standard delivery in 4-5 days
  • John Lewis – Free standard delivery
  • Very – Free Click and Collect or £3.99 for standard delivery

When is Black Friday 2021 and should you wait for a better deal?

Black Friday arrives on Friday 26 November this year, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November, which leads to the question: should you wait until then for a better deal?

Yes, and no. If you really want the Quest 2 now and you see a stellar discount today, it’s easy: pick it up. If you have the luxury of waiting until November however, it may pay off.

There’s no need to wait for 26 November itself, of course. In the past, the biggest and best Black Friday deals were typically reserved for the big day, but now Black Friday deals appear all through November and sometimes, as early as October. 

If you see dramatic Black Friday discounts before 26 November, just go for it! Some retailers that hold pre-Black Fridays sales also promise that prices won’t go any lower on Black Friday itself and offer to refund customers back the difference if it does. We’re answering all your Black Friday-related questions here.

See the best deals across the web today.

Why was the Quest 2 removed from sale?

The Quest 2 was removed from sale worldwide temporarily in July 2021 as part of a voluntary recall by Oculus and its owner Facebook, but is now back in stock.

The problem stemmed from concerns about a rare skin irritation problem caused by the headset’s foam padding. Existing Quest 2 owners are eligible to request a free silicone cover to sit on top of the foam, and the pause in headset sales gave the company time to add the cover into all of the retail packaging going forward.

Curiously, this wasn’t the first time that the foam was an issue. The Quest 2 was briefly removed from sale on Amazon across Europe earlier in 2021 over the same issue. 

At that time only Amazon stopped selling the headset – while other retailers including Oculus.com carried on selling it – and when it eventually returned on sale Oculus said that the headsets are now manufactured with a new foam that does not cause any irritation. Presumably this foam fix wasn’t enough, since it’s now opted to include the silicone covers instead.

Is the Oculus Quest 2 better than the Quest?

The simple answer is yes, but see our review to find out why.

The Quest 2 is 10% lighter, more comfortable, and offers an improved display with over 50% more pixels than the original Quest. This translates to a bright, detailed experience with nearly 2K resolution per eye.

The refresh rate also gets a boost to 90Hz from 60Hz, along with controllers that last four times longer than the batteries on the original.

More importantly, Oculus has simplified the IPD (or Interpupillary Distance) adjustment. The IPD measures the distance between your pupils to calculate a 3D effect that’s believable. Users can now quickly choose the setting that works best out of three options.

Of course, if you’re looking at how to buy the Quest 2, you probably know most of this, but see our handy round-up of all Oculus Quest 2 deets and news and the best Quest accessories if you want to know even more. For more future-facing tech, take a look at the latest Oculus Quest 2 Pro news. We’ve also got the top Oculus Quest 2 tips and tricks for those wanting to get the most out of their headset. 

The Quest 2 release came just ahead of the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles.

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