Amidst all the hoopla associated with recent full-35mm format mirrorless cameras, it’s easy to forget that, after Sony, Leica was second into this category and the L Mount is its original fitting. Of course, it’s now shared with Panasonic and Sigma in the L Mount Alliance which, among other things, has to enhance the appeal of Leica’s products beyond its traditional customer base. Consequently, the new SL2 fits into a line-up of, currently, four other L Mount bodies supported by a wider and more diverse system of lenses. 

And, particularly with the SL2, you get the sense that Leica is fully aware it needs to present a more mainstream camera whilst also preserving what makes a Leica camera a Leica camera. But if you’re thinking of buying into the L Mount, the SL2 is definitely in the frame for its capabilities as a camera first and being a Leica second.

The original SL was probably just a bit too individualistic for some tastes and Leica itself concedes it was probably overly ‘Germanic’ in its styling, so its successor has been given a complete makeover.

(Image credit: Future)

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