The Roomba is all but a cultural touchstone now, an emblem of automation and a sort of next age for the home appliance. To think that this was built upon a thing that you still had to empty and clean out – every… single… time.

In 2018, iRobot finally made that encumbrance a thing of the past with the Roomba i7+, a vastly improved version of its leading robot vacuum. Now, Roomba can start vacuuming your house with a brief utterance to your smart speaker, and it now even empties its dust bin into a larger, easily manageable dock that doubles as a trash can – automatically.

This is the next logical step for Roomba, and after some extensive testing, we couldn’t see our house without one of these in it. The Roomba i7+ has become a crucial part of our household, thanks in no small part to its heightened level of automation.

irobot roomba i7+

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