More angsty and testosterone-fuelled than Dawson’s Creek, the other popular teen drama based in North Carolina – One Tree Hill – charted the lives and loves of Nathan and Lucas: two half-brothers from very different backgrounds, whose divergent worlds collide through a joint passion for shooting hoops. Follow their journey from adolescence to adulthood as we detail how to watch One Tree Hill online from the very beginning.

One Tree Hill cheat sheet

First broadcast in 2003 and created by Mark Schwahn, One Tree Hill occupied the recent, Dawson’s Creek-shaped hole in TV schedules. It totalled 187 episodes over its nine seasons, and when it concluded in 2012, it became the fourth longest-running show in The CW Network’s history.

Lucas and Nathan Scott have little in common except their surname. Lucas – played by Teen Choice Award winner Chad Michael Murray – is the sensitive, brooding one, raised by his mom and uncle after his father, Dan, abandoned them. Meanwhile, Dan’s other child Nathan (Haunting of Hill House actor James Lafferty) is brash, privileged, and self-assured. He’s also the High School basketball team’s star player. So, when the equally talented Lucas shows his promise on the court, Nathan prepares to lose everything he’s taken for granted – including his girlfriend.

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