Is Carrie really the new Brody? Or is she actually the puppet master playing Yevgeny? It’s safe to say Homeland has taken viewers on quite a journey over the last decade and now the seminal spy saga is set to come to an end for good. Read on and learn how to watch the Homeland season 8 finale and where to stream the last ever episode of the critically acclaimed show online.

Homeland season 8 finale cheat sheet

Homeland season 8 is the final series of the long-running show, which first aired in 2010. It features 12 episodes and airs weekly at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime in the US, where the big finale is scheduled for April 26. Showtime can be easily streamed via Hulu or as an add-on channel for Sling TV – while those in the UK can also watch it at 9pm Sunday nights on Channel 4, just a week behind.

Yes, gone are questions over the loyalties of Sergeant Nicolas Brody, so brilliantly portrayed by Damien Lewis in the first couple of seasons of the show. Now, clouds of doubt hang over the head of his once lover, CIA super-spook Carrie Mathison – or Claire Danes.

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