how to get a discount on hbo max

HBO Max is less than a week away from its official launch in the US, bringing over 10,000 hours worth of TV shows and films to suit everyone. There’ll be popular classics such as all ten seasons of Friends and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as well as exciting new exclusives in the future such as the Justice League Snyder Cut.

Upon launch, HBO Max will cost $14.99 per month on a rolling contract. However, there are some offers and discounts available to save on the old purse strings. Keep on reading if you’d like to find out more.

HBO Max pre-sale discount

The most notable discount at the moment is the early bird offer from HBO themselves. If you sign up before the official launch date (Wednesday 27 May 2020) then you can grab a monthly subscription for just $11.99 per month for one year.

This makes a saving of $3 per month, which totals to a saving of $36 if you keep HBO Max for a full 12 months.

Note that this offer is exclusive to new subscribers and returning HBO Now subscribers who sign up directly through the HBO Max website, not third-party apps or websites.

You can take advantage now by signing up for the pre-sale on the HBO Max website.

Get HBO Max through AT&T or your cable provider

There’s no better discount off HBO Max than getting it for free, and if you’re an AT&T customer then you may be able to do just that. AT&T is throwing in HBO Max for no extra charge with select accounts – you can check if yours qualifies for this in the table below:

If your account falls into the ‘other’ category with AT&T, then you may still be eligible for a free trial, which will still save you some money. The length of this will depend on the type of account you have, which you can check on the AT&T website.

But it’s not just HBO cable subscribers who are also eligible for free HBO Max. If you pay for HBO through Charter’s Spectrum or Apple, you’ll also qualify for this deal.

Switch from HBO Now to HBO Max for free

Another freebie for existing subscribers of HBO Now! You’ll also be able to upgrade to HBO Max without any additional charge. However, this deal only applies to those who are directly billed by HBO. If you subscribe to HBO Now through the likes of Amazon Prime Video or Roku, then at this point you won’t be able to upgrade.

If you’d like to know whether you should make the switch to HBO Max, then take a look at our comparison of HBO Max, HBO Now and HBO Go. If you’re watching from the UK (or anywhere else outside of America for that matter) you can watch both of these streaming services with the help of a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN – find more detailed instructions in our guide to watching HBO in the UK.

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