Image: Google / XDA Developers

Google has shared an official image and teaser trailer of its upcoming Nest speaker with XDA Developers.

It seems as though the move is in response to leaked images of the long-awaited sequel to the Google Home speaker that is still on sale but was launched in 2016. Google appears to have sent the image and video to several US publications. 

In sharing official content, Google could be hoping to control the narrative around its next-gen speaker, which looks a lot different to the Google Home but will likely function in practically the same way.

XDA Editor in Chief Mishaal Rahman tweeted that Google had sent them the above image of the “new Nest speaker” as well as the video below in which a man asks Google to play some music while two of the speakers sit behind him.

While Amazon has released several versions of its Echo smart speaker since 2016, Google has trodden a different path, including its branding marriage to Nest. This leaked Nest speaker is fabric covered to bring it in line with the Google Nest Mini and Google Home Max.

We expect Google to announce the speaker soon given these leaks and then the company trying to plug them with official content. The speaker’s release may well have been delayed thanks to Covid-19 and the cancellation of May’s I/O conference.

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