GoodOffer24 brings you a chance to prepare better. It’s time to build or buy new PCs to prepare for the academic year ahead. The need for a powerful, immersive, and connected PC, was never felt greater. At the same time, hardware prices are on the boil. A smart way around these is to build your own desktop, or opt for a base model of the laptop you want, and to work your way up with aftermarket memory and storage upgrades. Certain base model laptops even lack pre-installed Windows, which is where GoodOffer24 steps in. With heavily discounted software, GoodOffer24 helps you spend more on hardware. Get Genuine Windows 10 Pro for as little as 12.52€ with a TechPowerUp-exclusive discount code. Microsoft Office is another piece of software students can’t do without. Get Genuine Office 2019 Professional Plus for 35.34€, far less than what you’d pay to have your OEM pre-install it. Combine the two for just 36.81€, and save even more. Check out other great deals on other editions of Windows 10 and Office you may want. Windows 10 is fully upgradable to the upcoming Windows 11.

Please use the coupon code TP30 at check-out to avail the prices you see here.

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