Historical epics are no strangers to the open world genre. We’ve globe-trotted and time-hopped with Assassin’s Creed everywhere from Ancient Egypt to the pirate-filled Caribbean, while Red Dead Redemption recreated the Wild West so perfectly you could almost taste the chewing tobacco. But whether you’re playing as a Grecian heroine or a bandana-brandishing bandit, these have been open worlds to be conquered and tamed, rather than cherished.

Not so it seems with Ghost of Tsushima, the upcoming PS4 historical open-world adventure from Infamous developers Sucker Punch, which sees a wandering samurai fending off a terrorizing Mongol invasion force from his homeland. In keeping with its Feudal Japanese setting, protagonist Jin Sakai has a far more peaceful relationship with the island of Tsushima that he inhabits – he’s at one with nature, rather than looking to hunt and skin its animal inhabitants for an arbitrary gear upgrade.

(Image credit: Sony / Sucker Punch)

“Our goal for the game is to have a grounded human focus on Jin and his story. We wanted to focus on something that was human and emotionally driven and story driven – we like to make story-driven games,” Jason Connell, Creative Director and Art Director for Ghost of Tsushima at developer Sucker Punch, told TechRadar.

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