Games of the Generation

As we approach the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, TechRadar is looking back at the games that made this generation great. This week’s entry? Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Games love a dragon. They’re big, they’re noisy, they fly about and they hurl massive fireballs at you. They’re incendiary dinosaurs with wings, George R. R. Martin’s luftwaffe, the stuff of dreams and nightmares.

The problem is, most games get it all wrong. Within a couple of hours of playing Skyrim, for instance, you get to a point where they just drop out of the sky, lay themselves upon your sword and die. Or they’re airlifted into a game to raise the stakes when the developers can’t be arsed to conjure a more original, plausible villain – like the moment when GTA clone True Crime: Streets of LA (an otherwise relatively grounded open world title) puts your pistol power up against a Chinese dragon.

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