As a result of the world’s newly changed economic state, wholly unexpected demands are being put on networks from businesses, employees and everyone looking to fill the afternoon. Looking at a mass of WAN usage statistics shared by hundreds of organisations around the world, here are five predictions on how businesses will alter the way they work based on changes in enterprise traffic.

Cloud adoption will increase

Public cloud adoption was already growing globally. While the previous motivation was cost, convenience and simplicity, the new focus for cloud adoption will be driven by the ease of change management. This in turn, will further put the spotlight on data privacy, security and local regulatory and compliance requirements. A global survey of 1000+ enterprises revealed adoption of SaaS applications increased from 23% in 2019 to over 51% in 2020, with the average number of SaaS applications also increasing.

Hybrid workplaces will increase, while networks need to be optimized for video conferencing

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