SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( – A bicyclist who was hit by driver in south St. Louis says he can’t believe he is alive after the accident sent him airborne.

Joe Oder was two miles into his 25-mile trek when a driver in a dark sedan on the wrong side of street hit him head on near the intersection of Eulena and Eichelberger Wednesday morning. Surveillance cameras show the impact sending Oder into the air.

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“If you showed me that and I didn’t know what it was, I’d say ‘Oh that rider is dead, he couldn’t have survived,” Oder said. “I don’t have a strong recollection of anything but when I see that video, he just comes in without hesitation and into my lane.”

The video shows the dark sedan then speeding off, the driver is still at-large. Oder suffered a fractured spine, cracked rib, a hole in his lung and severe bruising. He spent two nights at Saint Louis University hospital.

“That bicycle helmet literally saved my life,” he said.

The helmet that he has worn for four years is still intact but slightly dented; bent tires and the twisted handle bar on his bike paint the picture of his near -death experience.

Oder says he wants the driver held responsible for what happened.

“I am laying in the part of the street where he should have been driving and if that were the case, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” he said.

Oder says he won’t be able to ride his bike again for at least two months.

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