It must be Wednesday because Aputure has a new release today. I virtually sat down with Ted Sim from Aputure to talk about what’s new for this week, and it’s all about the Sidus Link.

Today Aputure officially introduced a new version of Sidus Link 1.2 for iPad OS and the Sidus Link Bridge. Sidus Link for iPad is not just a larger version of the Sidus Link smartphone app, but is a completely redesigned version of Sidus Link that takes advantage of the larger iPad interface often used by professional gaffers for wireless DMX control.

The Sidus Link team has and will continue to put a lot of hard work into developing this standalone version of the Sidus Link app, and will continuously update it to acquire the same feature set as the leading iOS Sidus Link app in the future.

Sidus Link for iPad OS

The new Sidus Link iPad OS isn’t a free app. It cost a minimal $9.99. I think if you need this type of control the small fee isn’t a deal-breaker. The updates to the mobile phone versions will continue to be free.

Enhanced User Workflow

Currently, the iPad OS version of Sidus Link utilizes the Sidus Link 1.0 feature set. The main advantage of the iPad version is the smoother workflow aided by the iPad’s larger screen and processing power.

To increase the ease and efficiency of the Sidus Workflow, Aputure didn’t simply resize the whole app to fit the screen but rather changed the interface entirely. It still, however, has all of the same features of Sidus 1.0 for iOS and Android, such as White Light, HSI, Source Match, Color Picker, FX, and CC Group Collaboration.

Console Mode

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