Well, well, well, would you look at that: another week in the books.

It’s Friday and, my friends, we made it to the weekend. If you’re fortunate enough to be in an area with sunshine, my goodness, please go out and enjoy it. Summer is rapidly approaching its end and we should get those sweet, sweet rays while they’re still shining down.

But before you do that, maybe read some good posts. We collected our favorite tweets of the week, like always. So relax, sit back, and get a nice chuckle out of our 11 favorite tweets of the week.

1. Well….any relation to legendary beer drinker Wade Boggs?

2. A perfect description of this image of the president and Olivia Rodrigo

3. The New Jersey twitter account is good, as much as I hate to say ostensible brand accounts are good

4. Related to the tweet above

5. Would die for this child

6. Getting some Boss Baby vibes

7. An obligatory dril tweet

8. I only included one I Think You Should Leave Season 2 meme

9. I lied. Two memes.

10. And another

11. And finally, whatever this is

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